Dan Kossler

Commander - Army

Richard Arvonio

Sr. Vice Commander - Navy

Robert Stocklin

Jr. Vice Commander - Army

William McCormick

Quartermaster - Air Force

Rich Murray

Chaplain -

Tom Tucker

Trustee 1-year - Army

Diane Larrowe

Trustee 2-year - Army

Vincent Krasniewicz

Trustee 3-year - Navy

Pasquale Cappelletti

Adjutant - Army

Jim Steuve

Judge Advocate -

Pasquale Cappelletti

Public Affairs/Publicity - Army

Gary Thomas

Surgeon - Navy

Rose Deck

Service Officer - Army

Cliff Hinkley

Officer of the Day/Guard - Army

Rose Deck

Webmaster - Army

Bill Hertline

Chairman, House Committee 1-year - Navy

Jim Milstead

House Committee 2-year - Navy

Rick Arvonio

House Committee 3-year - Navy

Tom McCormack

Canteen Manager 1-year - Air Force


Sharon Kossler

President -

Fran Redfield

Sr. Vice President -

Wayne Weszka

Jr. Vice President -

Jerry Way

Chaplain -

Susan Burchacki

Secretary/Treasurer -

Marlene Lidgard

Conductress -

Ed Raulsome

Guard -

Jerry Aach

3-Year Trustee -

Donnie Thompson

2-year Trustee -

Arlene Spears

1-Year Trustee -