2018 Patriot's Pen Winners

Clark - 2/17/2018

Anthony Bartolotta, Dist. 1, Post 10950
Mathew Austin, Dist. 2, Post 7032
Marcil Giles Dist. 3 Post 2057
John E Childes, Dist. 4, Post 2514
Grace Yando, Dist. 5 Post 7288 
Summer Marold, Dist. 6, Post 9100
Asia K Prillaman, Dist. 7, Post 6767
Alyssa M Chavis-Wanson, 2nd Place Dist. 8, Post 8968
Ashley Nicole Ragland, Dist. 9, Post 5631
Emma G Marsh, Dist. 10, Post 2087
Aria Nicole Tronsen, Dist. 11, Post 8719
Judson Cole Yow, Dist. 12, Post 6365
Sidney Mouzon, Dist. 13, Post 5464
Gracie R. Shields, 1st Place Dist 14, Post 5362
Abbie Joines, Dist. 15, Post 7034
Sarah D Piercy, Dist. 16, Post 891
Julian P Arellano, 3rd Place Dist. 17, Post 9281 


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Lawmakers May Extend Agent Orange Benefits to 'Blue Water' Navy Vets

Lawmakers are resuming an effort that stalled in November to extend health benefits to about 90,000 sailors who served in Vietnam and were potentially exposed to Agent Orange.

2018 St Patrick's Day Dinner

Plenty of Green at VFW Calabash Post #7288 on Saturday, March 17th

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Teen from North Carolina in the Running to Win a $30,000 Scholarship from the VFW!

The VFW's Voice of Democracy competition allows high school students to compete for more than $2.1 million in scholarships and incentives.

2018 Patriot's Pen Winners

The VFW's Patriot's Pen competition allows high school students to compete for scholarships and incentives.

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Veterans’ Organizations Establish Veteran’s Creed

WASHINGTON — Eleven major veterans’ organizations have announced the development and adoption of a Veteran’s Cr...

Unmet Needs Keeps Veteran Out of ‘the Rabbit Hole’

Nick Guerrero was behind on utility bills — the electric company shut off power — and car payments until the VFW stepped in to help.